Amazing winners of the first-ever virtual European CanSat Competition

Wed, 13 Oct 2021 03:22:00 GMT
ESA Education

Nothing could stop the 19 finalist teams of the 2021 European CanSat competition – not the Covid...

Nothing could stop the 19 finalist teams of the 2021 European CanSat competition - not the Covid restrictions, nor the fact that this year's challenge had to be run in a fully virtual mode - from performing as top space professionals and impressing the jury of experts!

The teams took part in this virtual campaign after either winning their national competition or being selected by ESA to represent their country in this exciting championship.

As in all editions of the European CanSat competition, first the teams presented their CanSat project to a jury of ESA experts.

The teams were called to present their solutions to the jury.

The jury, which assigned 6 teams a prize at the closing ceremony on 8 October, was extremely impressed with the amazing quality of the projects, making the selection of a single winning team in each category more difficult than ever.

Team Sat-Thomas More​ from Canada​ scanned for infrared heat signatures during the descent of the CanSat, with applications of searching for geothermal features on a new planet, and searching for forest fire signals through cloud cover on Earth.

Team Orion II from Greece developed a navigation system to be used by a mission to study the ground and atmospheric conditions featuring a ram-air parachute and propeller system capable of a guided landing.

Team SATaloios​ from Portugal studied the total solar irradiance during the descent of their CanSat.

Team Scobestar​ from the United Kingdom designed an airbag system to enable their CanSat to perform a safe and soft landing on terrain comprised of a thick layer of fine dust.

Once again, a huge congratulations to all the teams that participated in this year's competition.

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