ISS Daily Summary Report – 10/12/2021

Tue, 12 Oct 2021 09:00:18 GMT
ISS On-Orbit Status Report

Payloads: Advanced Combustion via Microgravity Experiments (ACME):  A crewmember replaced the ACME...

Advanced Combustion via Microgravity Experiments: A crewmember replaced the ACME Thermocouple Array with the ACME Chamber Insert partially installed in the chamber.

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency Public Relations Activity: A crewmember recorded a video interview with QuizKnock, a YouTuber.

The JAXA EPO includes conducting cultural activities such as writing reports about and filming video of activities aboard the ISS. These tools can help inform the public about the importance of the ISS, JAXA's Kibo module, and human spaceflight.

Maritime Awareness: A crewmember removed and stowed the Maritime Awareness payload hardware.

NanoRacks Airlock: A crewmember installed four IP Cameras into the NRAL. The NanoRacks Bishop Airlock is the first-ever commercially owned and operated airlock on the International Space Station.

NanoRacks CubeSats Deployer-21: A crewmember took photos of the Satellite deployments.

NRCSD-21 will be launching CAP Sat, PR-CuNa R2, and SPACE HAUC. Ring Sheared Drop: A crewmember removed the existing syringe and test cell and installed a new syringe and new test cell into Ring Sheared Drop hardware in MSG Work Volume.

Vascular Aging: A crewmember initiated a 13-hour Blood Pressure measurement session by setting up the data session on the Mobil-O-Graph unit, the EPL laptop, and then donned the arm cuff hardware.

As part of the Space Environment Causes Acceleration of Vascular Aging: Roles of Hypogravity, Nutrition, and Radiation investigation, ultrasounds of the arteries, blood samples, oral glucose tolerance, and wearable sensors from ISS crew members are analyzed.

Environmental Health System Total Organic Carbon Analyzer Water Recovery System Sample Analysis & Data Record: Crew performed an analysis of the water processing assembly using the TOCA. The TOCA unit oxidizes organic carbon species present in the water to carbon dioxide gas and measures the concentration using nondispersive infrared spectroscopy.

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