Crew operations aboard Space Station return to normal

Fri, 19 Nov 2021 01:02:08 GMT
Space Daily

Houston TX (SPX) Nov 19, 2021 NASA and U.S. Space Command continue to monitor the debris cloud...

The International Space Station and crew members are safe and have resumed normal operations.

The largest risk from the debris was in the first 24 hours and telemetry from the space station indicates no issues during that time.

Following the incident, crew members were awoken, notified of the debris and asked to close specific hatches based on the space station's safe haven procedures.

After closing the hatches, the crew then entered their Soyuz and Crew Dragon spacecraft for approximately two hours, from 2 a.m. - 4 a.m. EST. No debris avoidance maneuver was performed.

Space debris is tracked by Space Command and conjunction analysis is performed by NASA, with mitigations available for debris clouds and individual conjunction threats.

If orbital debris were to strike the station and cause an air leak, the crew would close hatches to the affected module.

If crew members do not have time to close the affected module, they would enter their respective spacecraft and, if necessary, undock from the space station to return to Earth.

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