ISS Daily Summary Report – 11/19/2021

Fri, 19 Nov 2021 08:00:18 GMT
ISS On-Orbit Status Report

Payloads: Airborne Particulate Monitor (APM): The crew removed the memory card from the APM...

Subsequent subjects perform a subset of the original activities to measure the performance capabilities of deconditioned crew members to complete either individual or crew telerobotic operations within the first 24 hours after landing.

Grip: The crew performed a makeup seated science 1 session and two supine science 3 sessions for the Grip investigation.

Kentucky Re-entry Probe Experiment: The crew installed and activated the three KREPE experiment hardware units to their designated Cygnus locations.

Plant Habitat-04 Troubleshooting: Following the report of high humidity levels in the plant growth chamber, the crew checked on the system and found an air hose disconnected.

SERFE demonstrates a new technology to remove heat from spacesuits and maintain appropriate temperatures for crew members and equipment during space walks.

Cygnus Departure Preparations: Today, the crew continued Cygnus departure preparations beginning with the completion of cargo closeout in the Cygnus vehicle and followed by Cygnus final egress and the Common Berthing Mechanism Controller Panel Assembly rotation and closeout.

Upon completion of CBM ops, the crew performed vestibule demating to close the Node 1 Nadir hatch.

These activities are in preparation for robotic arm operations to unberth and release the NG-16 vehicle from ISS on Saturday, November 20th. S-Band Antenna Support Assembly Extravehicular Activity Prep: The crew continued to perform activities in preparation for the upcoming US EVA P1 SASA Remove & Replace currently scheduled for November 30th. The crew installed lithium-ion batteries into the Battery Stowage Compartment and initiated charging of the EVA Li-Ion Batteries using EVA Battery Operations Terminal.

In-Flight Maintenance Waste & Hygiene Compartment Urine Filter Hose Inspection: Today, the crew performed an inspection of the Urine Filter Hose that may be causing Pump Separator faults.

The crew cleaned and inspected the USOS Hatch Seals, Hatch Plate Sealing Surface, and Crank Handle Mechanism for FOD or damage.

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