To Understand UAPs, We Need Megapixel Imagery

Mon, 02 Aug 2021 06:00:00 GMT
Scientific American - Science

If any of them represent advanced technology, high-res photos might tell us whether they’re...

The task boils down to getting a high-resolution image of UAP. A picture is worth a thousand words.

UAP could change their sky position much faster than any astronomical sources located at great distances.

The actual fidelity of the image will be limited by blurring owing to atmospheric turbulence and will therefore depend on the elevation and distance of the UAP. The sky survey will also need to extend over a period of time long enough for the detection of UAP to be probable.

The telescope facilities can be placed in geographical locations that will maximize the chance of reproducing past UAP reports.

There are astronomical facilities, such as ZTF, LCO, TAOS, ASASSN or PanSTARRS, already in place at remote locations for the different task of searching for transient objects that do not move across the sky as fast as UAP. The data volume will increase dramatically when the VRO/LSST facility in Chile commences operations in 2023.

UAP debunkers often ask why cameras invariably capture fuzzy images of unidentified objects.

In a forum that I attended recently concerning my book Extraterrestrial, I was asked about the prior probability assigned to the possibility that the weird interstellar object 'Oumuamua or UAP are extraterrestrial in origin.

Since a megapixel image of UAP is affordable and is of great interest to the public and the government, we should simply obtain one.

In a podcast interview I recently had with a young audience, they agreed: "Let's just do it." It was refreshing to see eye-to-eye with the torch bearers of the future, as well as with potential funders of the UAP imaging project, all within the same week.

A day later, I was asked by Rahel Solomon of CNBC: "How do you plan to celebrate UAP Day?" Thankful for the reminder, I said: "We will probably need our computers to figure out the nature of UAP, and so my plan is to celebrate the day with my computer."

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