Sol 3354: Tantalizingly Out of Reach

Wed, 12 Jan 2022 22:42:12 GMT
Space Daily

Pasadena CA (JPL) Jan 13, 2022 Today Curiosity is doing a little bit of everything: some contact...

Today Curiosity is doing a little bit of everything: some contact science, some targeted science, and a little driving.

When we started planning this morning, we had a beautiful view of the small ledge in front of us, named "The Prow," which shows some amazing layering.

We, the rover planners, were busy today despite the plan looking deceptively simple.

The face of "The Prow" itself is just a bit out of reach, so instead we are doing some APXS integrations on a small loose rock target called, "Ilu," which is also visible in the sand in the bottom of the image.

Once the APXS is complete and the arm is safely stowed again, we have a long set of targeted science observations with Mastcam, ChemCam, and Navcam.

The Prow near our expected next contact science area.

The drive today is going to move us closer to The Prow so that we can do contact science on it in the next plan.

The Rover Planners needed to test out different potential parking spots to find the best place from which to place the arm, which took some iteration.

We are back into our planning routine after the Christmas break.

This was the third plan in the new year, and the third plan that Curiosity executes within the Roraima quadrant my colleague introduced a few days ago.