ISS Daily Summary Report – 1/12/2021

Wed, 12 Jan 2022 08:00:05 GMT
ISS On-Orbit Status Report

ISS Reboost: Today, the ISS performed a reboost using the aft 79 Progress thrusters. The purpose of...

The EasyMotion investigation uses whole body Electro-Myo-Stimulation with a wearable body skin suit for an ISS crew member to perform pre- and postflight EMS-assisted exercises.

Materials Science Research Rack/Materials Science Laboratory: The crew gained access to the furnace area, removed the processed sample, and inserted the next Microstructure Formation in Casting of Technical Alloys under Diffusive and Magnetically Controlled Convective Conditions Sample Cartridge Assembly to be processed.

The Quantifying Selection for Pathogenicity and Antibiotic Resistance in Bacteria and Fungi on the ISS - a Microbial Tracking Study investigation continues a series focused on ongoing monitoring of pathogenicity and antibiotic resistance in potentially disease-causing bacteria and fungi present on the ISS. The investigation aims to identify, analyze, and characterize pathogenicity, antibiotic resistance, and genomics to augment the NASA GeneLab with the statistical confidence to characterize microbes associated with closed habitation and predict those that may pose a threat to crew health.

Mochii: The crew accessed the sample chamber and rotated the sample to the desired position.

Mochii is a miniature scanning electron microscope with spectroscopy which will be used to conduct real-time, on-site imaging and compositional measurements of particles on the ISS. Such particles can cause vehicle and equipment malfunctions and threaten crew health, but currently, samples must be returned to Earth for analysis, leaving crew and vehicle at risk.

Nutrition Monitoring for the International Space Station: The crew completed a body mass measurement questionnaire using the EveryWear application and used the NutrISS device to perform a bioelectrical impedance analysis measurement.

Fluid System Servicer Gather: The crew gathered equipment for FSS operations taking place tomorrow.

EHS - Surface Sample Kit Collection/Incubation: To characterize the types of microbial growth on Station, the crew performed surface sample collections while photographing each location.

The crew then stored the samples temporarily in preparation for cold stowage insertion.

EHS - Water Sample Analysis: The crew performed a visual analysis of Coliform Detection Bags and Microbial Capture Devices after 48 hours of incubation.

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