Brown, Raymond warn of impacts to Air Force, Space Force if new budget is not approved

Thu, 13 Jan 2022 23:13:06 GMT
Space Daily

Washington DC (SPX) Jan 13, 2022 The Air Force's and Space Force's highest ranking officers issued...

The Air Force's and Space Force's highest ranking officers issued grim warnings to Congress Jan. 12, telling a House subcommittee that failing to approve a new spending plan for the current fiscal year would directly harm readiness, inhibit modernization and diminish the services' capacity to confront emerging security threats.

Rolling over the current Air Force budget for another year, a practice known as a Continuing Resolution, or CR, "Would stall much of the progress we are making towards today's readiness and tomorrow's modernization," Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. CQ Brown, Jr., told the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee.

Who appeared at the hearing alongside Chief of Space Operations Gen. John W. "Jay" Raymond, said damage from imposing the same budget and its terms for another full year would cut even deeper.

"Under a yearlong CR, the Space Force would see impacts across our efforts to modernize our capabilities," Raymond said, noting that "The largest impact" would be on the National Security Space Launch Program by cutting the number of launches from five to three.

In dollar terms, extending the current budget for fiscal 2021 for another full year would cut the total Department of Defense budget by $8 billion, McCord said.

Brown said a full-year CR would reduce Air Force "Purchasing power" by $3.5 billion and affect not only GBSD but the further development of the new B-21 long-range bomber, the KC-46 tanker, F-35 fifth-generation fighter and even older aircraft such as the F-16 and C-130.

"A yearlong continuing resolution would seriously compromise the Space Force's ability to enhance unity of effort and efficiency; generate mission ready forces; and deliver the resilient architectures we need in the space domain," Raymond said.

Like Raymond, Brown itemized "Four areas of modernization" that would suffer unless a new spending plan was adopted for the remainder of the current fiscal years.

Taken together, Brown said, an old budget would not sufficiently meet current needs, "Impeding the Air Force's acceleration towards the force of tomorrow."

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