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Tue, 12 Apr 2022 10:00:00 GMT
Scientific American - Technology

In the newest season of Lost Women of Science, we enter a world of secrecy, computers and nuclear...

I'm Katie Hafner, the host of Lost Women of Science.

I've been writing about computers for a really long time, more than 30 years in fact.

I thought Klari could teach us a thing or two about this time-the dawn of electronic computers and nuclear warfare.

KATIE HAFNER: I'm Katie Hafner, host of Lost Women of Science, where we uncover the remarkable work of overlooked scientists.

KATIE HAFNER: In 1947, it was Klara and her code that made nuclear weapons simulations possible.

KATIE HAFNER: And she was working with a brand new technology, deep inside a world forever changed by nuclear weapons.

CLAIRE EVANS: There's this connection between death and computing that is inextricable and inescapable in this history.

KATIE HAFNER: Join us as we seek to understand the origins of modern computing, through one extraordinary woman's story.

KATIE HAFNER: Season 2 of Lost Women of Science coming March 31st. Listen wherever you get your podcasts.

KATIE HAFNER: This season will take us on a journey from wild parties in Budapest and gambling sprees in Monte Carlo to the staid academic world of Princeton and the wild west of Los Alamos in New Mexico.

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