A Different Perspective on Mirador Butte Sols 3473-3475

Sun, 15 May 2022 06:10:32 GMT
Space Daily

Milton Keynes UK (JPL) May 13, 2022 We drove just over 30 metres in the last plan, reaching today's...

We drove just over 30 metres in the last plan, reaching today's location.

If you look closely at the last blog's image you can locate the block in front of us today in the distance of that image.

The almost rectangular block in the upper middle of today's navigation camera image can be seen in the upper left part of yesterday's blog's image.

There will be ChemCam observations on this rock on target "Rupununi" doing a LIBS and extended RMI imaging, but Curiosity will not attempt to climb uphill to reach it.

APXS will be investigating two targets "Pedra Pintada" and "San Pedro." San Pedro will be brushed, also be investigated by ChemCam LIBS. ChemCam will also do a long distance RMI on sedimentary structures in the distance.

Mastcam is very busy in this interesting landscape, whereby the biggest targeted mosaic will get us a new view of Mirador Butte.

Closer to the rover, Mastcam will investigate "San Pedro" with a multispectral observation and have a stereo look at an interesting diagenetic feature just to the side of our workspace called "Tapir."

On another note, our environment and atmosphere group keeps monitoring the atmosphere with observations of atmosphere opacity each sol of the plan.

It's a little dusty at Gale and Curiosity is headed uphill after which ChemCam will do a LIBS AEGIS investigation and there will of course be our usual post drive imaging to prepare for the next planning.

It's been a challenging week in Gale crater, but Curiosity and the rover team are ready to put those challenges behind us as we head into a busy weekend plan.