Vega-C inaugural flight VV21 media kit

Mon, 20 Jun 2022 06:02:00 GMT
ESA Space Transportation

Download this media kit (English) to learn more about ESA’s new medium-lift launch system and its...

Download this media kit to learn more about ESA's new medium-lift launch system and its inaugural mission.

Flight VV21 is scheduled for lift-off as soon as 7 July at 13:13 CEST, pending suitable conditions for launch.

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Vega-C represents a dramatic capability boost compared to its predecessor, Vega, which has flown since 2012.

With new first and second stages and an uprated fourth stage, Vega-C increases performance from Vega's 1.5 t to about 2.2 t in a reference 700 km polar orbit.

A larger fairing doubles available payload volume, and the improved re-ignitable upper stage has increased liquid propellant capacity, to deliver payloads to multiple orbits and extend mission duration when required.

ESA's upcoming Space Rider return-to-Earth vehicle will be launched to orbit on Vega-C. The main payload on VV21 is LARES-2, a scientific mission of the Italian Space Agency.

Its predecessor, the similar LARES, was the main payload on the 2012 inaugural flight of Vega.

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