Getting all the possible science in - Sols 3507-3511

Wed, 22 Jun 2022 04:56:37 GMT
Space Daily

Fredericton, Canada (JPL) Jun 22, 2022 This weekend plan is a four sol plan to allow a no planning...

This weekend plan is a four sol plan to allow a no planning day on Monday, for the commemoration of "Juneteenth," and we crammed a lot in.

This workspace is relatively similar in appearance to the last workspace but still had more potential targets than we could ever hope to capture, even in a big four sol plan.

There is a finite amount of time that we can fill with science and every team wants to make the most of their instrument, so planning days like this one involve a lot of work and lots of back and forth between instruments.

Plans which feature multi-instrument investigation of targets are the best of all worlds, keeping all instruments busy and teams happy, whilst optimizing the science ... and hopefully recording everything that this site can show us.

APXS, ChemCam and MAHLI all cooperate to analyze the target "Opadai." This dusty bedrock target continues our campaign to catalogue bedrock compositions, a primary science goal.

Salto Angel is crosscut by a long linear white vein, so ChemCam will analyze across the whole target, giving compositional data for both.

Mastcam will image both small scale and large-scale colour and texture changes in this plan.

In the immediate workspace, there are some interesting changes in colours and textures in the pebbly, sandy regolith in the target "Amozonas," and in the distance, much larger scale changes will be documented on the butte "Bolivar." This target has been imaged several times and this newest set of images will add to that collection, but from a slightly different perspective.

The Sol 3496 plan did not execute due to an issue onboard the rover that took a few days to investigate.

Today, we were back to normal operations, and we were able to accomplish everything that was in the Sol 3496 plan as reported by my fellow blogger Cat O'Connell-Cooper, and more! More was possible because we had slightly different communication windows between Curiosity and Earth in this plan than in the Sol 3496 plan.

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