Artemis 1 becomes cultural, educational time capsule for trip around moon

Fri, 05 Aug 2022 00:58:10 GMT
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Washington DC (SPX) Aug 05, 2022 When NASA's Orion spacecraft travels beyond the Moon during...

When NASA's Orion spacecraft travels beyond the Moon during Artemis I, boosted by the Space Launch System rocket on its maiden voyage, the spacecraft will carry a host of mementos for educational engagement and posterity in the Official Flight Kit.

A small Moon rock from Apollo 11 that also was aboard the final space shuttle flight will fly aboard Orion, marking the significance of the return of a spacecraft built for humans to the Moon.

Four LEGO minifigures also will catch a ride on the flight - NASA and the LEGO Group have partnered on collaborative efforts over the past two decades to engage children and adults alike in STEM and space exploration, including a free online Artemis I "Build to Launch" lesson series.

Digitized entries from NASA's Artemis Moon Pod essay contest, in recognition of students' efforts and contributions, as well as pledges from teachers to educate students about space exploration will also be included in the flight kit.

Around 100 miniature Artemis I patches will be included and given after the flight for team recognitions to some participants in Artemis Student Challenges, an annual series of engineering challenges for middle school through undergraduate students.

Two employees examine Artemis I patches to be included in the Official Flight Kit for the mission.

Employees examine Artemis I mission patches to be included in the Official Flight Kit.

SpaceDaily Contributor $5 Billed Once credit card or paypal SpaceDaily Monthly Supporter$5 Billed Monthly paypal only 'We're going;' NASA says its ready for Artemis I unmanned trip to moon Washington DC Aug 3, 2021.

Sounding like an excited new parent, NASA Administrator Bill Nelson declared during a press briefing Wednesday that the agency's Artemis mission is ready to take its first physical steps to return to the moon and sometime later head to Mars.

Laying out an effort that will include international and commercial partners, Nelson said Artemis I will take off for months-long orbiting around the moon to test its hardware and systems in the final preparation for a manned flight.