ISS Daily Summary Report – 8/04/2022

Thu, 04 Aug 2022 09:00:09 GMT
ISS On-Orbit Status Report

Payloads: Cerebral Augmentation: The crew set up the appropriate hardware and participated in a...

Cerebral Augmentation: The crew set up the appropriate hardware and participated in a Cerebral Autoregulation science session.

Today, the crew performed the remaining closeout steps.

Solid Combustion Experiment Module: The crew performed an inspection of the combustion chamber door and its sealing surfaces, as well as reconnected the gas line quick disconnects.

Training for Emergency Response On-board ISS: The crew practiced ISS Emergency Response for ISS rapid depressurization and toxic atmosphere scenarios with ground teams based on information provided by the simulator displays.

The crew executed procedures and decision making based on cues provide by the simulator and physically translated through the ISS to appropriate response locations to visualize the use of equipment and interfaces.

In-Flight Maintenance Airlock Closeout Panel Fastener Survey: The crew performed a photo survey of individual fasteners on specific Airlock Closeout Panels on the Starboard Endcone.

The crew also tested fasteners not identified as fully fastened to confirm their unfastened condition.

These panels have been noted by crew as time consuming to install/uninstall due to fastener issues.

NOD1 WAP Removed and Replace: The crew replaced the degraded Node 1 BelAir WAP with the spare.

BelAir WAPs use the JSL trunk ports for connectivity and are capable of broadcasting multiple Virtual LANS. RS Water Transfers: Per documented agreements between the US and IP Russia, the crew began transferring water from the USOS to the RS. Surplus water in the USOS was transferred from the Contingency Water Container - Iodine to an .

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